Escort Agency 2

You are a young man (25 years old), who has decided to transform the hotel that your father left you in disastrous conditions, into an Escort Agency, will you succeed?
You have 11 playable periods for each day, a smartphone with 14 ringtones to choose from, 13 fully functional icons including the ability to change the name and relationship of the main characters.​

Developer: Firenzo – PatreonDiscord
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, anal sex, animated, big ass, big tits, exhibitionism, footjob, threesome, handjob, pissing, male protagonist, harem, interracial, masturbation, milf, oral sex, romance, spanking, teasing, titfuck, vaginal sex, voyeurism, bdsm, cheating, female domination, incest, sandbox, sex toys

1. Extract and run.


New Escort girl Diana
New improvement Gym
New Yoga instructor Kate
Sex on the beach with Janet
Threesome Bridget/Mary
93 new videos
1525 total videos.

Rating: 2.6/5. From 95 votes.
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Android is for fucking losers

this game is bad at everything, even simple things like sex scenes

Anonymous Fapper

This looks like a harem hotel ripoff.

Anonymous Fapper

unfortunately you can end up in a deadlock because several character stories depend on others, but you can proceed some before you found the others which depend on a specific state.
At the beginning hints are pointing where to go next, but later on those got rare and are not really helpful.
instead of using “==” at several decision points it may be more useful to use >= conditions to prevent those deadlocks.

needs to be improved to prevent lockups and allow more parallel decisions

Anonymous Fapper

Harem Hotel is better

Anonymous Fapper

your goddamn right


Yes try that out before this.

Anonymous Fapper

could be a good game. Shame for shitty graphics