Earn Your Freedom

This is a game about a young guy (18yo) who is captured by some bad guys and is forced to work in a brothel. Play the game to find out what will happen to him and if he’ll become an obedient little slut.

Developer: Sissy Dreams – Patreonitch.io | Picarto | Discord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Male Protagonist, Corruption, Female domination, Gay, Handjob, Humiliation, Interracial, Prostitution, Sissification, Slave, Trap, Gangbang, Rape, Blowjob, Shemale, Transformation, Futa, Trans, Incest, Threesome, Anal sex, Oral sex, Sex toys, Group sex, Lactation

1. Extract and run.


– Massive game size reduction (less than 140-175 MB instead of 1.1 GB) with the same image quality. So faster and smaller downloads for all of you!

– New Adrienne event where she brings a bunch of used condoms from her lovers for MC to drink from.

– New event where you’ll be able to fuck Ashley again and then eat your own creampie ^^

– An angry mafia member visiting Boss event where MC needs to calm him down (you know how)

– Fuck-wall room event. A new punishment for MC where she is “fixed” under thick glass and immobilised so she can be used by visitors

– Threesome with Jennifer with creampie sharing/snowballing and ass licking :3

– Getting fucked by a fit strong woman after eating a pill that doesn’t let you cum and makes your clit erect and bigger than before but at the same so numb that you don’t feel anything

– New sex shop toy – anal beads and an event where MC plays with it, spreading her hungry hole

– Getting visited by a weird client from MC’s past who wants to stay unrecognised by MC, but at the same time to have sex with her

– Double anal penetration in the middle of the street after eating a pill that makes your ass huge.

Rating: 3.7/5. From 676 votes.
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bad graphics, repetitive and monotonous 1/10 a really bad game does not worth your time

Anonymous Fapper

one of the best games, so much different fantasies, really good work and art.

congratulations i really like it, hope the little piss fetish will be possible with the characters we love like ashley jennifer erika or sophie and male custimers :p

and as a girl i really love the clothes parts, i love to dress like a whore


Turn off grinder you monkeypox spreading freaks!

Anonymous Fapper

Tie a rope and kick a chair homophobic cunt


Always with the shaming language in an attempt to silence facts. Your whole “lifestyle” is about suicide. It’s high risk for the individual and destructive for society. A dead end genetically. Every place that has feminism and the gay crap that goes along with it is in demographic collapse. There is literally no future in it because those societies have no kids. Demographic winter is REAL and gay crap plays a major role in this.

Anonymous Fapper

Problem is not this, ferminism and not 100% people are gay and never be i think. Problem is all feminism and lbgt is run these days by snowflakes they scream cuz they want something and everybody need to be like they want, not long time ago feminism fight with womens rights now they don’t, don’t remeber so much homophobia before lbgt ( don’t mean homosexuality but that movement, club or wtf is this) showed up. Our generation fucked up bringing up snowlakes cuz we weren’t ready to be parents

Anonymous Fapper

Need to finish cuz commets are short, dont blame all feminism cuz there is normal feminism somewhere that making good, and homosexuals ( real ones, today are many because it’s a trend for it but it will change sooner or later) they are not threat. IF you will live long enough and you will see next generation after this one u will notice that every next generation is worse than previous one at some point,


Is their a path where MC becomes like naoni?

Anonymous Fapper

I fapped shoving my ass with bottle


You’re ancestors must be proud.

Anonymous Fapper

If you want I can drive my cock in there while you cum.