Corrupted World

This story will tell you about a guy who until recently lived a quiet life, but after one meeting, everything changed. How his fate will turn out depends only on you.

Developer: Keny – Patreon | Discord |
Censored: Yes
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Sanbox , 3DCG, Male protagonist , Corruption , Mind control , Slave , Harem, Big ass, Big tits, Male domination, Oral sex , Sandbox, Voyeurism, Vaginal sex, Incest

Extract and run.


A sex scene with Bonnie has been added.

Bonus Event 2 has been replaced

The scene with Bonnie and Mia is now storyline and public.

The clothing store location is available at the beginning of the game.

Added hints related to the opening of the portal.

Your intelligence will no longer drop during classes.

Cheat codes can now be entered at the beginning of the game from your phone (Money, Character Stats and opening the gallery)

Code overhaul

Scene gallery

added Club expanded, main hall and additional rooms Club opening, hire girls and make your club great!

Expanded story and lore

Pants demon has been eliminated

Many bug fixes

Rating: 3.5/5. From 116 votes.
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You mean this rotten pile of garbage actually received an update?
And after all that time and an update, game is still rotten garbage.
So nevermind.

Anonymous Fapper

I re-downloaded it only for the cheats implemented – and they are available ONLY for parteon! Screw you dev!!!

Hypocryte :-D

i think this game is nice just too much buggy to play, not sure if dev is more just screw same game mechs

Anonymous Fapper

WTF! This is very Bad

Anonymous Fapper

So much grind, so little content