Corrupted Kingdoms

You are the hero – or possibly villain – of this tale, originally on a journey to discover why your family was driven out of your home town, but quickly thrust into events beyond anything you could ever have imagined. As tensions rise between the humans and the mythical creatures that lurk just outside of sight, will you stand as a beacon of hope… or use your newfound power to bring the world under your control?

Developer: Arc – PatreonSubscribestar | Discord | Website
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Fantasy, RPG, Male protagonist, Monster girl, Ahegao, Corruption, Pregnancy, Adventure, Mind control, Masturbation, Handjob, Mobile game, Oral sex, Vaginal sex

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This game has Discord integration turned on by default.


  • Emma: Find out what happened to Emma (if you brought her back to the Manor)!
  • Emma: Mini-event in the kitchen at night (random chance)!
  • Lucille: Find out what happened to Lucille (if you brought her back to the Manor)!
  • Lucille: New naughty event in the bathroom (random chance – must be AFTERNOON)!
  • Bug: Hana’s spirit was haunting the kitchen even if you didn’t save her. Spooky
  • Bug: Some events were triggering at night when they shouldn’t have. Everyone is back in bed, now!
  • Bug: Typo Hero’s troop continues its trek through the endless desert… not a typo to be found! If this carries on, they’re going to have to look for… other forms of sustenance…
Rating: 4.0/5. From 2.2K votes.
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kono dio da


Anonymous Fapper

“If you have to be persuaded, reminded, pressured, lied to, incentivized, coerced, bullied, socially shamed, guilt-tripped, threatened, punished and criminalized … If all of this is considered necessary to gain your compliance — you can be absolutely certain that what is being promoted is not in your best interest.” – Ian Watson

Anonymous Fapper

Another small update. Zero new fap scenes, you get to look around the manor and talk and then it’s over. I really like this game and hope it gets going again soon.

Anonymous Fapper

I really like this game but the new update is worthless. It’s a little bit of story, no fap scenes and makes it so that you can’t do anything in the city again. Make sure and use a different save slot if you bother.

Anonymous Fapper

just playing it for a while. I havent played for 3 to 4 months

Anonymous Fapper

Oh there’s a TON of overall content for sure. And I think I still missed a couple of things/scenes.

But this update was short and, IMO, pointless. Glad he’s continuing the story but give me at least one fap scene here.

Anonymous Fapper

whats the point of having children? will they become some sort of Hybred Army?